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Mountainside Update: Luxury Unveiled
from First Floor to Rooftop!

Significant progress has been made across multiple levels of the Mountainside Residences. Levels one and two now boast fully installed bulthaup kitchens, hardwood floors, and meticulously tiled bathrooms, all showcasing the exquisite interior design by Vallone Interior Design. Looking forward, level three will soon see the installation of kitchens, while level four is currently undergoing drywall preparation in anticipation of hardwood flooring and kitchen installations scheduled for August.

Our lobby area is taking shape with framing completed, and Vallone Interiors is meticulously finalizing the art and furnishings that will adorn both the lobby and various common areas throughout the building.

Meanwhile, our rooftop terrace is evolving rapidly with the majority of planters now in place and several large trees already positioned. Over the next month, we plan to lay down turf and introduce soft seating furniture, transforming the rooftop terrace into a serene and inviting space for all owners to enjoy upon completion.

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